Coming Soon: The Lord’s Unmasking

Gemstone Romance are proud to announce the launch title for our Jade Collection: The Lord’s Unmasking by Morwenna Drake

The Lords Unmasking Final Ebook



While abroad with the army, Lord Steven Wilcox suspected something was wrong when his father died. Now, newly returned from the war, he is even more concerned about what his brother has been doing in his absence. So, enlisting the help of an old friend, he adopts a disguise as a doctor’s clerk to see if he can uncover his own family’s scandal before it drags them all down. What he hasn’t counted on is the boldness and inquisitiveness of Katherine Kingston.
Katherine Kingston’s father has lined up a respectable fiancé for her, one she is resigned to even if not overjoyed with. Yet with the sudden appearance of the mysterious Lieutenant Simon Wilkins within the village, she finds her thoughts and her heart thrown into turmoil. When she learns that the lieutenant is investigating a potential scandal involving the new Lord Wilcox, she impetuously offers to assist him, falling in love with him along the way.
Little does Katherine know that the man she is helping is really Lord Steven Wilcox. When the lord is unmasked, she has to decide whether the man she fell in love with is the real Lord Wilcox or only the imaginary Lieutenant Wilkins.
Scandal and love intertwine in this Regency romance!
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